Growing up in Southern California, I was always attracted to the outdoors and the natural beauty around me. Art, music, and ballet were what I loved to do. My mother and father were always there to support my interests. They even enrolled me in an oil painting class with a local artist when I was about eleven.

When it was time to choose a college, I chose the University of Southern California. But when it was time to declare a major, I was unsure. Many people gave me suggestions, but it was my father that made the case, that to this day, I do not regret. He told me that art was what I always loved and that I was good at it. He told me to do what I loved and that not many people follow their dreams. “To thy own self be true” he would say to me (and it still echoes in my in my heart and mind to this day). So, I declared my major, worked hard and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting. I have painted professionally for over 30+ years now.

Many times, people will ask me why I sign my paintings, D.A. Davis. The reason is not for some reason to appear to be someone else but to pay tribute to my dad.  The first letters of  my signature spell, “DAD”. He was the one who always encouraged me and was always there to “talk” art with me. I miss those times but I carry him in my heart and always remember him, each and every time I sign my paintings. Thank you, Dad.